Monday, September 29, 2008

still slogging away

so, the debacle that was the vest. after ripping it out to nearly the beginning, i have been attempting to get it done. when i'm in this predicament, i find that i am able to work at lightning speed on any other project.... except the one that needs to be done!

along with jessica, we finished a pair of felted clogs to give as a hostess gift when we go to rhinebeck. knit in mauch chunky, we used redwood for the tops and soles and apple for the cuffs and bumper... they are awesome.

next would be spinning the 'berkshire autumn' a lovely wool/mohair blend from tintagel farms that i procured last year. i've got it spun, plied, washed and it's drying. i have a new passion for navajo plying. i think that i'm getting the mechanics worked out and i adore that yarn that it produces. i wanted to dive into the stuff that i just got, so i'm spinning the batt from sany long. one word. amazing.

she doesn't name her colorways, so this is my cabernet / merlot blend.

we also made a visit to genesee country museum. had a great time chatting with the interpretors and learning about life in the 1800's. and of course there were sheep. lincolns.

and the vest? i'm working the back!

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