Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the good, the bad and the ugly

so here i was feeling a firm sense of accomplishment. the order that i had for a felted bag....done! it came out so well that i was tempted to keep it. it is a buttonhole bag with needle felted roving and locks.
the recipient was pleased.
so i was then able to finish the ribby vest for me. as i was blocking the shoulder seams in preparation to join it hit me..... a huge block of color change. it would seem that one of the balls of yarn, marked with the same dye lot number, was indeed a tone off. how (you may ask) did i miss it with all the measuring that is done to get the proper length? never looked. did not even cross my mind that this would ever....could ever happen.
honey said it was a great design element (what can you expect after 25 years of wedded bliss) it looked like crap! big nasty ole crap!
so i slept on it and ripped it out this morning. knitted in a week, out in minutes. attached a new ball (one that does match... i swatched) and i'm off. again.
on a happier note, the felted clog for neenee is done. it is her hostess gift for guesting my band of merry woolies for rhinebeck.
back to knitting. again.

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