Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a weekend! the anticipation for the annual fingerlakes fiber fest starts mid-winter for me. i think about the past year, what i wished i had done/gotten/seen. then the feeling subsides as the spring spinning activities abound. then as august rolls around i notice the fluttering inside and realize that it will soon be festival time.

this year i wondered if it could meet my expectations. i did rhinebeck last fall and maryland this spring, and thought that maybe i had reached the end of the road.......i had not! not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded. and i'm not sure i can explain why.

saturday dawned sunny and warm...perfect weather. armed with my mental list, envelope of cash and we went. fueled by a machiatto it was fiber time.

first stop, stone edge fibers and my fiber amy...

she was sporting a new booth design and it was lovely.

i had received an email from another fiber~friend about a last minuted addition to the vendors that was a must see.

she was so right!

sandy long and her luscious fluff! her roving is stunning and her booth was charming. i acquired 8 ounces of a green blend, lots of deep rich colors and 8 ounces of an elderberry colored blend. absolutely stunning stuff. it will be the next on my wheel.

tintagel farms made their first appearance at our fest. i have 4 ounces of starry night~ it's the sparkly blue in the bottom right. i've never spun with sparkle so it will be a new twist... get it (i'm still reeling from the fumes :)

sunday was dreary and cold, but that didn't seem to deter the crowds. i caught ruth headed to drop her first haul of the day...

and seeing her, i realized that i hadn't gotten enough, so i was able to get another 8 ounces of green from sandy and really made a dent in steamvalley farms stock. a pound of falling leaves, 8 ounces of pansies and 4 ounces of fall colors..... yikes!

and i can't wait til next year!

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