Sunday, September 14, 2008

this and that

so this is my current project. i started painting these boxes back in may. i added a crackle medium and now the final stencil. i am enchanted! this is such a fun process! my house was completely stenciled....even the floors... before we restored it. now there is not a stencil to be seen. i'm tempted to get painting again, but know that i will go hog wild!
so the boxes stand ready to grace my wooly friend amy's booth at the upcoming fiber fest.
i finished the ribby vest and it immediately went into the mail for my sister. pictures will soon follow. she informs me that it is a perfect fit! so with that done, i've cast on another, this time for me. i'd like to have it to wear when the weather gets cooler.
with all this crafting, i'm behind on my spinning.... i'll correct that tomorrow!

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