Monday, July 7, 2008

stage 3

stage 3 ~ is underway and i'm feeling very energetic! my hands were a wee bit stiff this morning from the work yesterday in stage 2, but a bit of wriggling and i was good to go. todays task.....plying the green. behold my mothers day gift. it is a plying bobbin and flyer, gifted by my loving family to make my life ( and ultimately theirs) easier. we had some initial 'getting to know you' jitters, but soon we were off.

isn't it great? i was able to put both 4 oz bobbins on it. the scenery is beautiful canandaigua lake which was today's spinning backdrop. i was able to watch the water play and still accomplish my work.
it is on the niddy noddy waiting for the next step. i was able to get 503 yds of yarn! woo hoo.
jessica braved the raindrops to join me this evening with her first trip with the new wheel. she traveled well. :)

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