Friday, July 25, 2008

stage 19

again temptation came knocking on my door. it's the internet and something called "sale" that provoked me.
you see, i've been coveting the alligator scarf kit since seeing it in person at rhinebeck. it was not in my budget, so it stayed there.....haunting me. it is the perfect gift for someone who needs that perfect gift from my hands. yes, i've made things for them...... yes, the items are used.... but they were never 'the one'
this year..... that was the item that was coming home with me. and then those sneaky folks at morehouse farms put the kits on sale...... sent it so quickly that i could work with the yarn..... love the yarn.... need more yarn. and everyone that lives here in my home, now needs a gator. so what was i to do but place another order. today, river crock and nocturnal crock arrived.
i waited until i finished the second bobbin of indigo to open them.

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