Monday, July 21, 2008

rest day

it occurred to me today, that we have lots of tools within our reach. the only barrier is how we look at them. i have been a felter for almost as long as i have been knitting. sometimes, my felting is very planned and precise, other times..... i'm surprised. for example the second sweater that i made for my daughter. it was knit for me, but way to large. i thought that a gentle felting would solve this problem.....and it became my daughters sweater. she loved it, i could hardly wait to send it to salvationarmy.

i started felting right after i got my new front loading washer. it is not a great felting instrument. it is great at removing all the excess water that is left in the garment when felting is completed. so i've been felting everything in my mom's top loader, spinning it out in my front loader, and woolaa, a beautiful result.

which brings me to my light bulb moment. the grey skies lightened up and i washed all the skeins that were created yesterday. then it started raining. i knew that they would never dry in this damp, sticky weather. i placed the two hanks in my washer, set it to gentle spin only, and pushed start. it was magic! they look great, all the excess water is gone and they are hanging in my dining room.

now i'm sure this has worked for others, and today it worked for me!

spinning? why yes i did. i've got some natural dyed cottswold roving working it's way onto the wheel. rest day indeed!

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