Sunday, July 6, 2008

stage 2

stage 2 ~ after perusing other participants plans, i've re-examined my goals for this tour and decided to make some slight modifications. i had one bobbin of the green and was looking at the remaining fiber as my project and that is still a major component of my tour. i realized that i had two other bobbins that contained a spinning project that had been abandoned when a shiney new fiber came along. so in addition to my original tour plans (spinning, plying, skeining the green) i'm going to also finish each of these other two projects.
the first is 8 ounces of morrit corriedale. 4 ounces are already spun. i'm spinning this alittle thicker than the green, so that will be a great change of pace.
the second is 4 ounces of brown alpace. 2 ounces are on the bobbin.
with both of these, i'll finish spinning, ply and skein thus completing each project all before we reach paris!!
so, how did i do in stage 2? well i think. i was able to devote 3 hours to the tour. i have another 4 ounces of green spun (for a total of two-4oz bobbins) and started the corriedale. in fact it was while i was rummaging for another bobbin that i discovered the unfinished projects, so how is that for spinning karma? i'm looking forward to stage 3 :)

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