Tuesday, July 22, 2008

stage 16

natural dyed, indigo Cotswold. i only have 6 ounces from the stash, procured at the shepard's market in may. yes, i have other roving's calling my name, but i needed this.
Cotswold was the first wool i spun. i have an affinity for this wool and it is not just nostalgic. i love the loftiness of the fiber, the long staple length and the sheer pleasure i get from spinning it.
the tour has let me see that once i start a project, i need to see it through in a timely fashion. while running the last of my green on the niddy noddy, i noticed how great it looked. i seemed to have stayed even with my singles and the plying looked quite nice. it was quite different from the first batch i did. i'm also finding that my control over the fiber is improving, and i like that i can have a bit of say in the outcome.
spin on!

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