Tuesday, July 9, 2013

wool washing

i spent sunday washing my beautiful fleece that i got in maryland. ruthie is a romney sheep that resides in california on mendenhal farms. her wool is lush and lovely ..... and mine ;)
i picked her up on friday and really got a chance to see just how lucky i was when i started washing. i took my time, making sure each lock was clean and rinsed.... did i mention that i had 5 lbs of wool? i was getting a smidge fatigued at the end of the process, but so very happy with the result.... until i brought it home. i'm lucky to be able to do all my wool stuff at my mom's house and then walk it to my home. as i was coming across the back yard, my husband asked what had happened to the wool. since he seemed truly concerned, t stopped and looked over my shoulder thinking that i had dropped some. he asked me again, what did you do to that..... bleach it? seriously? then i saw what he meant....
this is the wool in the sink.....
and here it is washed
the pictures don't do justice to the beauty of  ruthie. now she just has to dry (kind of hard with this humidity)

i'm still knitting away on the wrap for amythefibergoddess and loving every stitch. this pattern really is singing my song!


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Diane said...

Washing well is like a bit of magic, isn't it?