Saturday, July 13, 2013

spinning in the garden

my spinning every day tour challenge took an interesting twist yesterday. my sister asked me if i would consider spinning ( and talking about spinning ) for a program she was in. hmmmmm, spinning and talking about spinning..... two of my favorite things! i said yes without even getting the details! so friday evening i was part of a program at sonnenburg gardens in canandaigua. they have live music and evening strolling on the grounds on friday's in the summer.

in addition. last night there was a program about beatrix potter. best known for her children's books, she was also a landowner and sheep breeder. my task was to demonstrate spinning and answer questions. i packed up my ashford wheel, baskets of washed wool, dyed wool and batts to spin and some fiber prep tools. i added a few of my shawls that i had knit with handspun and hanks of yarn. 
i was set up in the japenese gardens and truly had the best seat in the house yard.
i had a wonderful time chatting with lots of folks as they strolled by. the program was delightful and really fun. after, i had even more folks stop and fondle wool and yarn. at one point i glanced up to see the wonderful lady who taught me to spin and helped get me started on my fibery path! talk about coming full circle!
i was surprised by all the interest folks had. kids ( young and old ) enjoyed touching the wool, deciding which was the softest ( it was the purple wool ) wondering how i got the sheep to stand still while i painted it ( thought i was going to wet my pants when the little dude asked my that so very sincerely). i was an enchanting evening! it had been years since i was last at sonnenburg. i had forgotten what a wonderful place was right here in my backyard.
the best part?????
finding a new spinner!


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