Sunday, July 7, 2013


i'm very happy with my tour goal. i've been spinning every day, some days more than others. my fiber is a superwash merino/tencel blend. i've been contemplating how much my spinning has changed but the enjoyment has remained the same.
and it's not alllll about the spinning, it's about the fiber! friday a bunch of us got together at sandy's to play in the wool. we looked at fleeces, washed and dyed fleeces and even got a skirting lesson.
i was in a green mood. i had a partial grey fleece that we determined i had purchased from robin nistock several years ago. it was washed and stored, but in moving/cleaning the garage all the info about the fleece was lost. never the less, it is stunning. the wool is soft and oh so touchable. 
after lunch......
it was back to work! at first i was not open to adding other colors to my palette, but sandy convinced me to think outside my box and i got this....
since i've been all over the ombre, i dyed a batch with that in mind. i started with canary, then avocado then evergreen. i have been able to keep it intact and my plan is to spin it from the locks. the final batch i dyed in violet, burgundy and plums. that turned out quite nice. i packed it up wet, and it's been drying outside. today i've been at it again, washing my maryland fleece. i'll put those pics up tomorrow!

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