Saturday, June 29, 2013

new love affair

the Holden shawl finally made it's way to the shoulders of the birthday girl. i'm still sticking with the gift giving rules..... i'm in the birthday year ;)
it suits her perfectly and she seems to have fallen in love with it.

that leaves me with empty needles.... and that can mean trouble. i've been waiting for amythefibergoddess to dye the yarn for some sample knitting. it took a bit of time finding the right combination that spoke to us both. i am all about the bright, happy, in your face colors these days and she tempers my enthusiasm with the reality of what is the best combination.
these two made it from the dye pots to my hands! i've had a huge yearning to make "different lines" by the designer of color affection. i loved doing that wrap and this one has been screaming at me for several weeks.

it's perfect summer knitting..... light weight, mindless and fun. i keep waiting for the thrill to wear off and it's not happening!

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Diane said...

I just love these, for lack of a better term, geometric patterns that are all around us now: simple stitches, color contrasts and awesome shaping.