Monday, June 24, 2013

it's yellow

i finally finished spinning 4 oz of mixed bfl in ombre colorway from amythefibergoddess that i started in april! seriously..... april. there is just no excuse for it taking that long. every time i hauled my wheel to guild, someone would comment on the color, wondering what it all looked like. since it had been on my wheel ( since april ) i could not remember.
it was yellow.
i cast on the overcrossing shawlette pattern that i have been itching to knit since november. it seems mind-numbingly simple, perfect for these hot days of summer. i have 660yds of lace weight yarn, so i should be able to make a generous sized wrap. it is beyond soft. i'm going to have to go crying to amy to get some more fiber.
i had a brief hiatus from the drudgery of knitting the holden shawl, and it seems that all that baby knitting perked me up. i have refused to be distracted from my stealth knitting project, but it's been hard. i started the holden as a gift for my sister's milestone birthday. well, i missed her birthday. not by a lot, but still. i am in the 'birthday year' and i think she'll like it. i have had a hate-hate relationship with the pattern. it was agonous to get to the lace part, then it seems that counting was beyond me and i kept ripping it out. last night, i cast off, wove in the ends and today it went on the blocker.

with this heat, it will be dry in no time, wrapped and ready to gift!