Tuesday, June 11, 2013

baby samples

i finally got serious and finished the second baby blanket. miss samples can arrive when she is ready! i had the best time knitting this beauty. i think that i found the right colors ( bright, peacock shades ) that the mom requested.
and i love the size. it's big enough to throw on the floor, over a car seat or for a snuggle. i'm sure that even in the heat of summer in georgia, you need a snuggle blanket in the middle of the night. in my mind i see mommy and babe in the rocker in those wee-early hours, nursing and snuggling together. it gets a bit chilly, so mom can reach over, grab the blanket and toss it over them both. sigh.

i've knit lots of love, and happiness into this blanket. it's gotten me through some trying times, so all that good energy is infused in the fiber. i'll be sending it off as soon as it gets a bath and dry in the sunshine!

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Diane said...

Please bring for Show & Tell on Saturday...I would just love to see it in person!