Tuesday, May 28, 2013

stealth knitting

i've had a hard time staying on task with my knitting projects this month. one that absolutely had to be completed was my exchange in the guild's 'bag-it' exchange.
i was a bit intimidated by the recipient that i got. she is fabulously creative, every piece is a work of art... truly. i knew that a standard 'bag' would not work, but i was stumped on what to do. i love a pattern, so much so that i'll do that same item three ( of four) times. usually i can tweak that pattern a bit and make it my own by about the third time. but to start out? not really my skill set.
the fiber was a unique shade of green, dyed by the owner, and i knew that i was going with something felted. i love the way a felted bag is such a sturdy piece when it's done.
the green made me think of spring, but not much else. i did get it spun quickly in a lofty, bulky yarn that would be suitable. but no pattern.
then on my girls weekend trip in march, i found this.....
i loved it! whimsical, creative, fun.... just what i wanted. the challenge was finding a pattern, or coming up with one in my head. i knew that it needed the flower pot shape, so i started knitting. because i had a limited amount of yarn, i decided to use commercial handles from brown wood to represent the dirt. ( i was really working the flower pot theme) the felted flowers in fun colors? amythefibergoddess to the rescue. she dyed up a bunch of felted sweaters in bold colors for me. i begged, then pleaded  asked my sister to help with the flower pattern and she got carried away enough to help me cut them out.
the final result....
i think that it turned out well. the recipient wasn't there to see it. it will be part of the display at the fiber festival. i hope she'll like it.

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