Monday, February 25, 2013


i knit like the wind and finished the sleeves friday evening. it went out to dinner at moe's, drove around while we did errands, all in all it became a well traveled sweater!
i returned it to sandy on saturday, leaving her just the ends to weave in from her knitting. i left the ends on the sleeves just in case the dudes arms were longer than she thought. the birthday is next week, and there is still snow in the air, so hopefully it will get use.
so that left me with a quandary.... what to knit next. i picked up the second radiance shawl that i had started and got back into the groove.....
i'm still not sure if this is going to knock my socks off, but the pattern is working much better the second time around. the yarn is a bit stiffer, not as soft and i'm concerned that the color is too 'clown-like', but it's not enough to make me stop.

then there's the next baby blanket. i absolutely love this yarn. love. it. bright, fun, soft... it has it all. my only teeny, tiny concern is that it screams 'girl'
i had both the grandma and the aunt of the little one give me their very honest assessment before i kept going. they both agree the it doesn't matter what the gender is, the blanket is a go! i cast on the raspberry and i'm throwing caution to the wind.

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