Wednesday, February 20, 2013

finishing her knitting

saturday near the end of the guild meeting, sandy was slugging away to finish an adorable 'john deere' green sweater for her grandson. i remembered her talking about the sweater, see her start the sweater and never gave it another thought. here we are nearing the end of the winter season, and she was working feverishly to complete it. her grandson's birthday is soon and since she missed christmas she would like to have it done then. she was facing several obstacles...... lots of lambs being born and needing care, getting ready for the open house, serious 'john deere green' fatigue. i had a moment of extreme sympathy and said "give it to me, i'll finish it." the words had barely left my mouth, when she handed me the entire project..... bag and all!
i love finishing and i think that is one of the reasons i immediately cast-on the same project that i've just completed. there is such a rush, a feeling of accomplishment to get the end. how could i not want to do that with this sweater? all the was left for me to do was the bottom, neck and sleeves.
bottom? done!
neckline? done!
sleeves are slowing me down a bit, but i am determined to have this back in her hands by saturday. knit-on!

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