Thursday, February 14, 2013

squares - done!

i finished all those mitre squares..... all 16 of them. knitting along, i remembered why i did not like this yarn. while it is as soft as all get out, it is so very, very splitty. there are several spots that i can already see small snags, but the overall effect is lovely.
then i turned it over.
billions of ends to weave in. and with this splitty yarn i imagine that it will take lots of wine to finish.
so i started on the borders. i'm anxious to get going on the next blanket in those peacock colors, but have decided to show restraint until i get this one completely knit. i've got until july to weave in those pesky ends ;)
with any luck, i'll be done by tomorrow.
i decided to get that vivid blue fiber plied and washed this week. i wanted to have it done and off my wheel before the guild meeting this month. we'll be playing musical wheels and i want to have my bobbins empty. not that it's really necessary ( i've got lots and lots of bobbins) but i like to have all my projects done before i get rolling on another. so, that blue fiber????....... delicious!

(amythefibergoddess has reserved another batch for me)


Diane said...

That blanket is just so soft and cuddly looking...a lucky little one to get that!

Cannot wait to see the blue spun up!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Pretty, pretty!