Wednesday, March 6, 2013

next project

i wrapping up (heeheehee) the radiance shawl.  i had been spending most of my knitting time with baby blanket#2, it's so easy to take with me and mindless to work on. so i devoted time to radiance.

soon, it was time to work on those leaves......
these are such fun to do, quick and easy. they are also just like chips, you have to do more than one. before i knew it i could see the end of this project.....
so what do i jump into next? there's a new pattern that a friend sent me ( she's doing it right now, so i'd have built in help) or another radiance ( so not sick of this yet ) or another pattern that i got at new england fest, or ??????
yikes! i  know in the big scheme of life it's not earth shattering, but i like to have that travel project (babyblanket#2) and another bit more complicated. i've also got traveling in my future, so i want to choose well.

or.....that baby blanket may just get finished sooner than later!


Diane said...

Yep, feeling the possibilities here, too. Almost done with a sweater (blocking & a button loop left), finished a baby hat, and started a neckwarmer. Nothing specific in spinning-land, so I'm thinking of spinning for the neightbor kids' mittens for next winter and something to spin up for a shawl for Mom.

Love the gradient colors on your latest Radiance and looking forward to seeing the latest blanket.

Amy Klee said...

Roving is in the pan to be dyed hopefully tomorrow a nice ombré color way. Another radiance is looming in your future.