Sunday, December 9, 2012

it won't be good enough

i can't tell you how many times i heard that refrain at my last guild meeting. this year we had a fiber swap, the idea being that the end result will be on display at our fiber festival in september. we did this in the past and had about 36 folks participate. this year we had 20. it's hard to find time to be fun and creative, i totally get that. what i don't get is when someone says that they can't do it because 'i can't make anything that will be good enough' really? i've yet to see anything that was totally crap come into guild. now i will admit, it may not be to my personal style, but it was constructed with care by someones hands. it does not need anything more than that!
i was urging a fiber friend to participate and she commented that the last time we did this, she made a pair of fingerless mitts that were terrible. the fiber knit up in two different colors, the mitts were really small and long, she couldn't understand why anyone would wear them.
i wear them. i wear them a lot. in fact, i wear them at least three times a week when i'm trapped  waiting at the skating rink for my little skater to practice. i love them, and when i shared this with her.... i know she didn't believe me. it's sad how we can undervalue our skills. i know that i'll never reach great acclaim with my hand-spun knits, and that is okay. i love hearing that it was worn until it was thread bare, or became a biter for the dogs, or was repaired so many times. that is the gift. that shows me i was successful.
so i'll sit with warm hands, knitting away at the rink and thank holly for the awesome mitts.


Diane said...

I loved the mitts Holly made for that exchange. You're right, we do hear that our members don't think they're good enough at spinning, or knitting, or whatever. It is one of the nice things about our guild is that we support each other!

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Sheepmom said...

There's no such thing as a not-good-enough handcrafted thing. The attempt and the hope that it will be pleasing is what makes it wonderful.