Monday, December 17, 2012

christmas gift

i'm pretty sure i posted that i was not doing any christmas knitting. i had one gift to do for a family gift exchange and that was it! oh how soon i can forget.
my partner has done most of the shopping that will be gifted to him on christmas morning. there seem to be no surprises. i love the surprises more than i need the gift. searching and securing just the right thing that i know is their hearts desire is where i get my reward. so i was feeling a bit deflated knowing that there was no surprise.
then i opened and email and inspiration struck.
the chesapeake bottle bag, courtesy of classic elite yarns. i knew that my wine lover would be speechless when this was opened. this is where the story gets a bit weird. when i went hunting for yarn, i found none. thank goodness for all those michaels coupons. i grabbed two skeins of patons classic wool in red and leaf green. it will totally match the holiday themed bottles that are currently decorated.
i'm really zipping along, and hope to have this done tonight. i've already secured a special bottle of wine to cover. and this is it. no more. really.

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