Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sample knitting

it's that time of year again.... sample knitting time! last year i knit several for robin nistock ( and she still puts them up in her booth... what a compliment! ) and of course, stone edge fibers. i've been knitting big things, little things, ridiculously involved things, warm things, lacy things.... you've seen it all. so this year i've been waiting to see what amythefibergoddess will request.
something small..... wearable..... with colorwork........a quick (ish) knit..... A Tam.
i made one years ago for my sister, so it should be just like riding a bike, the pattern will be easy to pick up. i hope.
next was the color scheme. she gave me a handpainted yarn and two coordinating colors, then told me to choose.

so which was it?

i'm going with the green.

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Diane said...

Your posts are the next best thing to actually living closer to you to see all your projects.