Saturday, August 4, 2012

new projects

okay, so it's not like i don't have a house full of crap planned projects and for some crazy reason i'm onto something new.
first, the yarn. yes.... it's decorative yarn. when i was in maryland, several of the gals were knitting with this yarn (sashay, from joann's) making these fun scarves. it reminds me of the swirling peel that you can get when you pare an apple. long and curly. so while in the store today (getting supplies for the next project) i found the yarn and was requested to knit a scarf.
i found out that it is a bit harder than it looks.
the yarn must be pulled apart to find the selvage edge to knit into. so you knit (slowly), open the yarn, knit a bit more, open yarn..... you get my drift. it's the perfect project to do while watching the olympics.
the next hole that i've fallen into.... needle punching. it was another trip to a fiber festival with those folks i call enablers friends that i saw this for the first time. i thought you only used wool fabric, but guess what you can use yarn. and i have lots of that. amythefibergoddess set me up with a practice piece and sent me home with a punch and monk's clothe to keep going. i needed to make the pattern my own, so i've been playing around with different designs and i think i've got one.
i'm keeping with the star theme, adding a few design elements that will hopefully make this work. i've got the backing fabric and pillow form so i better get this going. perfect indoor projects as the temperatures climb into the nineties today!

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