Saturday, September 1, 2012

the day at the fair

i love a tradition. for me there is something wonderful about the continuity. i enjoy the known part of the event, and all the surprises that can then spring up.
the new york state fair has become one of those annual traditions for me (and my herd) i started going as a very newbie spinner way back in 2007. i had no idea what i was doing, what my wheel was doing or even where i was going... but i was in.
now i've got a set day ( the last friday of the fair ) and time (first slot in the day) and companions (my herd from home). i drop my stuff off in the wool building, and then visit the sheep. first thing in the morning they are cool and happy to see humans.
we had one gal who just wanted to be rubbed and loved. soon as you stopped, she moved to the next person and started butting their hand. gotta love a sheep!
i have sat with the same ladies for three years now. we chatted, spun and before you knew it.... we were done!
we all were spinning similar tones of fiber, it was just liked we planned it :)
then i was off to the dairy barns, butter sculpture and 25 cent milk. i love my milk, it's just about the best thing there! sadly it was hot. really, really hot. 93 degree hot, so while we still wandered about, the fun was sucked right out of it. still managed to get my potato and see the sand sculpture.
all the sculptures had an olympic theme this year.
still, the best fun you could have!

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