Tuesday, August 7, 2012

this is NOT a quick knit

so that ruffle scarf? the 'quick knit' project? it is such a pain in the *&%^ ! first, this is not a zippy, quick knit. the yarn is fussy, you need to separate the ribbon to locate the wee little 'railroad tracks' that you are knitting in. okay, did that. well as you are knitting along you must continue to stretch this out..... over and over through the entire thirty yards. held it up, tried it on.... too short. i did read the band and wanted the wider ruffle so that it wouldn't look anemic on. back to joann's, coupon in hand to find another ball.
at this point, i decided to use all the electronic media at my disposal to find a better way. a trip to you-tube and i was set. i'm rolling the entire ball onto the cardboard from a roll of paper towel.
and while this is tedious i'm hopeful that it will be easier to work with when i actually start knitting.
so i'm $6 into this with yarn,  time spent?  priceless :)

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Diane said...

I have heard that this "yarn" is on the challenging side, or at least on the side that challenges one's patience.