Sunday, July 22, 2012

nails in the road

midway through the actual tour, several riders were hampered by this unexpected event. equipment was compromised causing many to lose time and some to leave the race. sadly, i did not complete my tour this year. a series of unexpected life twists not only slowed me down, but knocked me out. nothing tragic or horrible, just small things that kept adding up to slow me down. when i finally admitted to myself that there was not a snow ball's chance in shortsville that i would complete it, i was okay with that. i still learned something about my fiber and my spinning and my equipment .... and really that is what the tour is all about for me. to stretch myself, get pushed out of my comfort zone and discover.
so, i discovered that....
1) i really love the merino roving. it's soft and springy and fun to spin. even though i'm spinning it super fine, it is still meeting all those characteristics.
2) spinning it super fine is taking f o r e v e r! and that's okay because i'll get what i want.
3) my wheel is a wonderful, quirky piece of equipment. it needs to be tended and pampered. it developed a wicked bad squeak after the foot-pedal adjustment that required research and care. not hard, just necessary.
so i'll keep on going and try to finish this project.

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