Sunday, January 1, 2012

LaLa knit-a-long

i've been late to the party on this one. my spinning guild chose to complete a knit-a-long for our fiber fest display. for my non-fiber relatives... a knit-a-long or KAL is where a group of folks choose a pattern and simultaneously knit the same thing. in this case, a pattern was chosen that provided a frame that folks could follow exactly or add their own personal creativity too.
i am not a shawl or wrap kind of dresser. i think they make me look shorter and i feel like i've got too much stuff on my frame. call me crazy, but that is my story. it has made getting on board with this project a challenge. i've bought fiber, debated spinning it, tried to talk myself into it and just slid into something else. i've sincerely contemplated variations of yarn, plying,  yada, yada but still nothing.
just before the holidays i was in the basement, storing excess fiber to make room for the trim. i actually opened every bag and tote to see what i had lurking around. i started to sort out items for gifts, the guild auction and items to move into the spinning que.
one bag that i opened contained a february lady sweater that i had started, well i don't remember when. the yarn was handspun from sandy long fiber in my shades of greens. i think it was a wool and mohair blend, but really it's been so long i was stumped. i had a light bulb moment and knew that i would never finish this sweater. it was all wrong for me and i would never wear it. so i started ripping the blasted thing out. i located all the hanks of fiber and saw that i would have enough for the lala. i wrapped it on niddy-noddies and using my steamer (thanks neenee) it straightened out perfectly.
so with all that done, i just needed to slap this baby on a set of needles. it became my mission to start before year end and i just made it. super easy to knit, i will admit i'm enjoying our time together.

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Diane said...

You're still ahead of me...I need to set the yarn, then actually knit the shawl.

Word is "towomba", surely we can come up with some kind of definition for that!