Friday, January 6, 2012

a knitted thank-you

my cousin is a marvelous stamper. her creations are beautiful and reflect not only her talent but her skill. i save every card she sends me in my 'special' card box. i can take them out for inspiration or just to enjoy. i keep a rotating collection on my kitchen windowsill to look at every day. i'm corny and sentimental that way. i love to have little bits and bobs around to remind me of the people in my life. there are those that i see often and not so often. linda is one of those special folks. i'll start admiring the card, then imagine her in her stamp space. i'll ponder why she chose those colors or that design, how she structured the project and then it will start me thinking about her. what her life is like, the people that she touches now and those from her past, the silly escapades we had growing up. the laughter we've shared, the silly, sweet, sad, goofy parts that make a family, a family.
she is my blog buddy. i don't always get her technical stuff, ( and heaven knows not many can get mine :) but it keeps us connected and i love that. she sent me a box full of stamp stuff and i needed to send her a thank-you. so i went with fiber. i love this pattern and will definitely be repeating it. the yarn is one that i have had for quite a while, one that i treated myself with and knew that it would get put to good use. the bright happy colors,  just say linda to me. so when she is dog walking, sidewalk shoveling, dashing out to do errands, i'll be keeping her warm. and how cool is that?!

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