Friday, January 20, 2012

finished projects

having my nephew try on the gator was genius! i can't believe i actually thought that one through. i took it off the needles and put in on a piece of yarn, then wrapped it ( around an itunes card)he is a gigantically tall, skinny dude, so i was spot on thinking that it needed to be longer..... around 2 inches longer. i finished it up, and sent it on it's way to him. we had a rare sunny day here, so i was able to get a great shot of it relaxing on the pine tree.
the lala. knit, blocked and resting in the cold wintry sun. this baby is big. really big and i didn't realize until it was pinned and blocking on my queen size bed. the colors in this is just amazing, sandy's fiber is perfect for this pattern. i'm relived that my 'to-knit' list is empty.... well sort of. still have a bottle cardigan on the needles and a vest that is chugging along, but all my must knits are done. i'll enjoy the lull before the next 'must-do' strikes!

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