Monday, August 8, 2011

sample knitting

i finished knitting the eyelet baby. as i was telling the yarn owner, this sweater has had quite the adventures. it's been to seabreeze park, several wineries (i didn't let it taste a thing :) two parties and finally found itself done. i took it yesterday to try to find buttons, what a challenge that was. i elected to take my partner to help. we sometimes have different visions, but usually working together come to a consensus that yields a fabulous outcome. well, i wanted to cause bodily harm in the button aisle of joanns. it was painful, but we did find buttons for this little beauty. i'll get it blocked and then stitch them on.

i also started the next item, ~ rustic stripes hat, from the mittens & hats for yarn lovers book. amythefibergoddess had this out from the library and i found several must knits in it. the hat is charming, a perfect example of this bulky weight yarn and was a quick knit started and completed in a day (even with the button fiasco!)

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Linda Monroe said...

such a beautiful creation. How fun that it went on so many adventures.