Tuesday, August 9, 2011


so, i cleaned the pantry. it was a huge job that has been waiting for a rainy day to be tackled and today was the day. that and the fact that yesterday's shopping adventure at bj's had stuff living on the floor.
i needed a fun task, so we got out all the stamp stuff. well, not all of it but enough to keep us amused for a few hours. i had cut a zillion tags with the die cut a few weeks ago. i can't even say how i got on that kick, must be i needed a tag so why not make enough for a lifetime?
so with the stamps out, i remembered the tags and..... here's what i did.

need to see them closer? on the left is the largest tag, big enough to write a note on the back. on the right are smaller tags that would allow room for your names. perfect activity for a rainy day!

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Linda Monroe said...

Ohhh a stamping project. How fun. I love this image. Very cute for the tags. You will find a million uses for the tags, but you will probably also have these for a while. You can also gift these!!! Many people love a pack of tags especially at the holidays. You'll have to let me know where they wind up. Enjoy!