Sunday, August 21, 2011

sample delivery

yesterday was delivery day for my samples. with the fiber festival just 4 short weeks away, i wanted robin to have time to play with these and decide how best to display them. to say she was thrilled would be a gross understatement! it was the perfect response for any knitter who has spent time belaboring the pattern choice, needle choice, yarn choice. i was completely unaware that robin is not a crazed knitter. (that would be me :)

i know she knits, i've seen the mittens that she's made. until yesterday i thought she did it easily. well, that is not the case. yes, she knits but she is not completely comfortable with the process. so she opened a bag of magic when she received the samples. here they are in all their glory...

and the final item made from nistock farms sport weight... lace mittens. one done, one to go!

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Linda Monroe said...

These are stunning! I'm so happy they were well received. I'm sure Robin will find a way to display these to show off their beauty. Very, very nice. How can you part with them???