Saturday, January 29, 2011

it's not all about the fiber..

my spinning peeps came over for a day of fiber and fun. we haven't had a chance to play since we all were at joan's, so i threw out an invite. we did get some spinning in, but the major focus was getting joan acquainted with ravelry and sandy signed-up. the goal was met..... joan's raverly name is 'woolewespin' now really, how dear is that? sandy is longmeadowwool, which is perfect for her. we uploaded pictures, found patterns, made friends and just were to techie for words!

after lunch we got down to some serious spinning. i'm finally working on my exchange fiber and it is kicking my spinning ass. it is baby alpaca, soft as can be and making me actually think about my task. i've spun alpaca and wool (amythefibergoddess has delicious roving) that was pretty easy. i have to concentrate on what i'm doing with this and stay on task. this is probably why the bag has been sitting there since november...... mocking me. i know what i'm going to knit, so once i get this part done i'll be able to cruise right along. i just got season one of the closer, so tonight i'll settle in with a modest glass of Riesling and deputy chief johnson and try to get the second bobbin done.

here are the last pair of mittens. i'm still all about the colorwork and it seems i've got several more in me. i've got to pester amy for some time in her yarn. i love her colorways and think they would go great in this pattern.


Linda Monroe said...

Caroline - looks like you and your friends had a great day. Love those mittens.

Marmie said...

So jealous of your spinning day! I was absolutely thrilled to be "friended" by Sandy and Joan (solved the mystery of who that was!)

I am determined that 2011 will return me to the spinning I love and the friends that mean so much to me.