Monday, January 10, 2011

emptying the wheel

now that we're into the new year, i decided i had better get spinning on my fiber exchange. i had a pattern in mind before the exchange and i am thrilled that the fiber i drew and the person who will be wearing my handiwork (totally pun intended). so, that means that i had to empty my bobbins. well, someone had been doing alot of spinning (i don't know how that happened) and it needed to be plied.
behold, yarn... and my puppy. she could not understand why mommy had put the no-no on the floor, right at her level. the red is roving i found at rhinebeck this year. it is long wool (vendor would not be more specific) in the most stunning shade of red. i loved the color and fell hard. the other is sandy long fiber that is beyond lovely. the singles were really spun well and since it's my wheel i can only surmise that i did the spinning. it really is better than i usually spin. now if i don't freak myself out and spin the rest as well.

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