Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just can't stop

i'm certain that there is some sort of deep seeded need that i'm fulfilling with my colorwork addiction. the upside is that i just can't stop. this is the latest object, a flap hat in colors to match those mittens. it is zipping right along and i couldn't be happier. each round, i anticipate what color will be next.... will this be the row with a pattern. madness, i say!
the downside is that i just can't stop seeing all those projects i want to do. at the skating rink yesterday, i commented on a friends hat. she is a world traveler and had gotten the hat in peru. next thing you know, she had taken it off and sent it with me to figure out the pattern. i literally took the hat off her head.
really, i've got to stop!

1 comment:

Marmie said...

ha ha ha! I love this - I did the same thing with a stranger on a plane a few years ago!