Monday, January 17, 2011

knitted gifts

i was finally able to let go of the mittens. yes, i made two pairs and i really have a third in me if i only had enough yarn. the recipient loved them and they fit like a, well...... mitten.
i found the hats & mittens tin at the christmas tree shoppe and knew that it would be the perfect container for this gift. i'm starting a new pattern, again with the fair-isle, so i'll see how those go.
on to the hats. this is the camo jester hat the i did for my nephew. how cute is he? i cast another on for his mom thinking they'd match, but she desired a plain hat. (talked her into the pom pom) i was so glad that she was honest with me (and that i had the good sense to ask her) about what she wanted. i love it when my knit-wear recipients give me direction. there is absolutely nothing worse than making the item of your dreams only to find out that it's their nightmare.

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Linda Monroe said...

These knitted projects came out great. The boy is just darling in that hat and Mom is a crack-up with her expression. Love that tin packaging - great find. Missed you all at the party - looks like everyone had fun.