Tuesday, January 4, 2011


it seems i'm finally on a roll with these suckers. that's the thumb of the second mitten. they are truly beautiful! i struggled a bit having never actually done a full sized mitten. i've made a gazillion wee mittens, but none that would fit an adult. i was almost done with the first one when amythefibergoddess saw them and remarked that they seemed small. so small in fact that they would not fit the intended recipient. sooooo, i ripped them back to the cuff, went up a needle sized and loosened up. then i was nutty that they were going to still be too small. i kept trying them on, debating about re-knitting and driving everyone in my house crazy. they all started to run when they saw me put them on for fear i would ask their opinion. i kept going and today they are completed, blocked and drying on the register. i'm still thinking about whipping up another pair on the next larger needle size. the party isn't until next weekend (last christmas gathering) so i would have time to get them done.

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Marmie said...

These are looking amazing! You never cease to amaze me with your talents. Happy new year!