Sunday, July 25, 2010

stage 20 ~ finish line

the ride into paris was delightful! after the heat and humidity of yesterday, today's cooler temp and frisky breeze was a treat. here is my ride. 38 ounces of yarn.

yikes! it does seem like a lot of yarn. i'll need to estimate my yardage at some point.

the wool /alpaca will someday be knit into a garment for honey. i'm not in any rush :)
the purple wool/ mohair blend remained a challenge to the very end. i'm glad the i navajo plied it, keeping the colors intact. the yarn is thicker that i anticipated, but i'll let it live in the stash for a bit until it finds out what it wants to be.

but for now.... congratulations to me for a job well spun!


Linda Monroe said...

Congratulations. Sounds like a lot of work and a good result. the pictures look lovely but I'm sure you have to touch it to really appreciate it!

Marmie said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! I don't know how you did that in this hot hot hot weather! I bow to your skill!