Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the lady with the alligator purse

my sister is naughty. really, that's what we call her and she revels in the fact that she alone is allowed to be .... naughty. she gleefully with take that last treat, make sure your kids visit mcdonalds, have ice cream for breakfast, hide your fleeces..... you get my drift. she also has a gator fascination. she has them in her bathroom, hiding in her gardens, always there for the unsuspecting person to happen upon them and be startled. if you scream it's all the better. several years ago i made her a gator scarf from a moorehouse merino kit. it was the most fabulous item to craft and she has it displayed in her bedroom.
so this year as her birthday approached, i knew that i needed to find just the right gift. since i get the weekly updates from moorehouse, i had my eye on another kit..... a felted purse. an alligator purse. it was easy to make, but i will admit that it was labor intensive. lots of scales to knit and form. there is a knitted lining inside so it is very usable. i had in the stash the best handles, but there was bloodshed attaching them.

i had found just after christmas, the board book of 'the lady with the alligator purse' and knew that would be the finishing touch in the gift. i put it on top of her gift bag, and she opened it first. she even read it aloud to all of us gathered. she read with glee as the story progressed and the lady was so naughty! at the end of the book, she reached into the gift bag and pulled out her purse. so, my naughty sister is now offically the lady with the alligator purse.


Marmie said...

Love the purse, but love the story even more!

Linda Monroe said...

This is fabulous. Great gift for naughty and I loved reading how it all came together. Hugs and kisses to you all. So many birthday's in August to celebrate!

914Lin said...

Sister "Naughty" named the purse Allison! And Allison goes out to eat at only the best places ... complete with her snout in the wine glass. What a hoot! It was the best gift ever for her.
You are the best!
1*4*3 NeeNee