Saturday, July 3, 2010

le tour defleece

sunny skies and gentle warm breezes mark the start of this years tour. my goal? i went into the fiber stash and sat. i pulled up the ravelry stash and pondered. i wanted to rotate out some fiber that i've had and just haven't made time for. i also wanted to try fiber that i would be encountering again at the upcoming festivals and might need to buy. so.... here is this years challenge~

28 1/4 ounces of longmeadow farms wool/alpaca blend. i love sandy's fiber and lust after her new colors and want more, but need to use up what i've got! the purple is 10 ounces of wool/mohair blend from steam valley fibers. the color way is purple stripes, long bands of colors that could be navajo plied into color bands or two-plied into interesting color mixes.
i was spun-out from wool/mohair blends and had a long hiatus, so this is just what i need to jump back in!
so there it is. 38 ounces of fiber just begging to be the challenge for the tour!

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