Wednesday, July 21, 2010

stage 14, 15, 16

i've spun and plied all the wool alpaca blend from longmeadow farm. as i was plying away at this, i asked my dear partner if he still wanted a garment. from this yarn. as he was staring at the yarn and my hands are still numb from the plying i could feel my temper rising. time ticked on and just as i was ready to explode, he turns to me and states." i love it.... couldn't like it more" good answer.

i knew that i loved sandy's fiber, but having moved onto the next blend, my love is certain. i had 10 ounces of wool/mohair blend that i had kicking around in the stash for about a year. i loved the colors, so wanted to make sure i loved the fiber before festival season. that's one good thing about this challenge, it's forced me to start and finish fibers that i might not have stayed with. the purple roving is a pain. it's sticky and full of straw and slubs and it's not really a pleasure to spin. so..... onward i go!

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