Monday, July 5, 2010

stage 1

the first stage coincided with independence day, so i had to take my show on the road! we celebrate the fourth each year at our family cottage on a lake. there is a cement break wall at the water and a large deck attached to the cottage, so there is always ample spinning room. with the forecast of sunny skies and HOT temperatures, i knew the i would be at the water. with a large family (and lots of years of practice) we have it down to a routine. i arrive early to do set up, then park myself to let the spinning commence. the neighbors are so used to seeing me spinning, they just wave and smile. (yes, i know they think i'm nuts!)
the spinning is much slower than i anticipated. great fiber, fabulous prep, but i want a worsted weight yarn, 2ply, so i'm spinning quite thin. it looks great, nice and even and taking me a while to get it on the bobbin.
my position is perfect as a swim monitor, so the little fishes spent the day in the water...and i ended the day a happy spinner with a comfortable start.

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