Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i'm still woozy from the wool fumes, but very excited with the results. this is the yarn from the wool batt. i had just over a pound and ended up with 990yds. i thought my yardage would be more, but the yarn is a bit thicker than i had hoped for. i'm thinking i can still get a sweater out of it. a simple, classic cardigan. batts are lovely, but a bit of a challenge to spin. they are not very portable, and i'm certain there is a better way to get through them. i just need to be more persistent!
here is cc's yarn. 1850yds of wool/alpaca roving. this was a joy to spin and the end product is lovely. my consistency is improving even with my late night push to get this done.
i'm still in recovery mode, trying to get the stiffness out of my arms. and that darn pansy fiber is still flirting with me.

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