Sunday, August 2, 2009

what else did you learn?

in addition to spinning that nonsensical amount of fiber, i also achieved my additional goal of learning fleece. amythefibergoddess has been coaching me through this process, from choosing the fleece, to skirting the fleece to washing the fleece.
i again enlisted her expertise to check my work. i was able to wash the grey fleece in a washer with scalding hot water (thanks mom). i wasn't sure if i had used enough soap, or rinsed it well enough and in the land of endless rain, was it dry enough. i was deemed wonderful by amy, so she gave me instruction in drum carding, in fact, she even made me do it..... myself!so i now have three lovely fluffs of carded wool and i'm working at spinning it. surprisingly enough, my arms have recovered from the tour...... so i'm off to spin!
ps..... my honey is soooooo happy to not have huge piles of cleaned fleece in our bedroom :)

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