Thursday, July 16, 2009

stage 12

still spinning the same fiber bump. it looks great on the bobbin, is really easy to spin. all is well. nothing new to show.
the other day when i washed the fleece, i had it all laid out on my balcony. this is a perfect spot for many things. it is right off the bedroom, so i can dry all sorts of things there and not worry about impeding traffic flow or that whatever is there will get harmed. perfect for a bath sheet of drying wool. so that evening, my honey kissed me goodnight (he's always done forever) and toddles off to bed. i resume my evening knitting/tv watching (second season of 'the closer') and about ten minutes later he comes back downstairs. he walks right up to me with the most serious of expressions and tells me 'an animal died outside our bedroom door'. as i sat there flummoxed, wondering how big a hole i need to bury something, he starts to smile and says 'you know, that sheep that exploded and died outside on the balcony'. ha ha. what a jokester. i couldn't tell him this, but it was funny and it did look exactly like a dead animal.

so here it is drying on the hot-tub.

now to wash the rest!

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