Tuesday, July 14, 2009

stage 10

so i'm spinning away on the bumps of fiber......and it is quite easy. one of my personal challenges was to really spend time increasing the consistency of the yarn. using this type of fiber prep is making that happen. when i first started i was overwhelmed with everything to think about and learn. i was so happy to just get the *%#*%# stuff onto the bobbin. i heard all the information but it fell way back into the gray matter of my brain. the last several months i've been finding the information popping up again. i'm really aware of all the parts that can affect the end product from sheep breed, to staple length, to preparation methods. when it all comes together, it really is magic.
as part of my tdf challenge, i'm dipping into my skirted fleeces and getting my hands dirty.....or at least the washer. amythefibergoddess mentioned to me that today would be an excellent wool drying day. so late this afternoon i filled my pillowcases with wool and embarked on washing some fleece.
it was really dirty. this is the end of wash #1. this is the end of rinse #2. it is all lying on my balcony waiting for the morning sun. i'm expanding my fiber horizons!

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