Sunday, July 12, 2009

stage 9 bump in the road

so last evening i'm feeling pretty good about my progress in the tour. i was reaching the end of the batts, planning to ply it all today and start on my next fiber. as i finished for the evening, i decided to set up the wheel with my plying bobbin to be ready to go. along with the plying bobbin i found this....another bobbin full of fiber and another batt. i was tired. i was slightly grumpy. i didn't need a surprise. i find that i'm getting better at embracing the unexpected, and making changes with a brighter outlook. with that said, i still muttered several obscenities. hey, it makes me feel better. i then decided that i would start fresh today, finish that spinning, ply it all and start the new fiber.

so i'm off...... and over that road bump!

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