Monday, July 21, 2014

stages 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15

lots of spinning, very little posting! i've met my first goal with ease (spin on every wheel), in fact i've enjoyed it so much i keep rotating them. as i slog my way through the ombre roving, the monoteny has been lessoned with wheel fun. each spins a bit differently and i remember why i love my rose. probably a good bonding excercise that i wouldn't have done without a push.
last night i finally got all the alpaca/corriedale fiber on bobbins. i've started plying some lovely merino that i spun from HCl. my espinner is the cat's pajamas for this and it is so very transportable. with the heat of summer returning, i can be lifeguarding at the pool or porch sitting with my wheel on the tray.
amythefibergoddess has started the prep for the Fingerlakes Fiber Festival. we spent an afternoon retraining caroline working with wool with more planned for this week. i had my camera and didn't get any shots. next time for sure.

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Sheepmom said...

I envy your ability to carve out time to spin each day! It really shows how much one can do if you just are disciplined enough. Good for you!!!