Monday, July 7, 2014

stage 2 & 3

with all those miles ahead, i decided to enjoy each and every opportunity to spin in luxury. we had beautiful weather sunday, the second day of the tour. did a little yard work, then cooled off with a frothy beverage and some spinning. i finished the second bobbin by the end of the day.
today was a different story.
rainy and dreary. i think it's even worse after a nice sunny stretch of weather. since i was trapped indoors, i decided to meet one of my challenges... spin with every wheel. i parked myself in front of the tv and made the mistake left the movie choice open. so the lego movie kept me entertained. i was never passionate about lego's, but i am about my fiber, so i could relate to the plot. it was cute, perfect for the elementary school set. it also met my movie requirements of fun. i like to be entertained without lots of brutality, and this fit the bill.
two bobbins done! i'll put the entire fiber length out tomorrow and explain my plan. for now i've got these on the majacraft!
i like to get all those pesky challenges out of the way fast.


thecrazysheeplady said...


Sheepmom said...

I love your strategy - spinning with a "drink", spinning watching a movie......I'm thinking spinning while eating chocolate comes next ;-)
Can't wait to see all you produce!

Diane said...

Hmmm, I have until July 27? Well then, I may be OK. I decided to make it a goal to catch up with all the fleece study samples. All are washed and ready to prepare for spinning.

Diane said...

I do have more wheels you can try...